Roll The Bones was founded in 2012 by Taylor Myers and Rosalie Lowe after they met as performers in Punchdrunk's Sleep No More. Fascinated by the burgeoning landscape of immersive theater, they began creating their own work while collaborating with a rotating team of actors, dancers, designers, and production managers.  

With each show we expand our practices in new ways – creating different experiences and leaving room for the unexpected in every production. We believe it is as important for the company to take risks in the kind of work we produce as it is for our audience members to take risks in experiencing it.

Roll The Bones has performed inside and outdoors, in non-traditional spaces and at all hours, being so lucky as to even perform for royalty.

We create immersive dreamscapes using multi-layered texts, site-specific performance spaces, and hybrid performers. Audience members discover their own autonomy and empowerment by how they choose to interact with the scenarios with which they are confronted. We provide an environment that inspires our guests to take a risk with the unfamiliar, to take charge of their own dream, and to make the choices that fascinate them.