Roll The Bones offers a range of workshops suited for a variety of participants.

These experiences are highly dynamic and built to engage a huge spectrum of participants. For artistic companies looking to develop immersive work, academic institutions interested in genre-deepening experimentation, groups of individuals working to increase their immersive performance understanding, organizations designing once-in-a-lifetime events, or professionals seeking to engage their employees with heightened human engagement skills, these workshops will provide a groundwork and a launchpad to create thrilling human experiences.

These courses engage with the world of immersive creation from the perspectives of Performance, Directing, and Human Engagement.

Introduction to Immersive Performance: A two hour workshop designed to help performers understand a host of tactics employed to engage audience members without the separation of a fourth wall. Participants can expect to spend time exploring depth of touch, physical energetic manipulation/transfer, audience navigation, magnetism and authority, and inception/mental manipulation.

Introduction to Immersive Creation: A two hour workshop designed to help creators think about spaces in an immersive purview. Participants can expect to work on world building, perspective shifts, expectation control and subversion, group mentality, spatial design, heightened activity, and idea expansion.

Introduction to Human Engagement: A two hour workshop designed to help participants understand the deep layers of communication we undergo on a daily basis. From physical touch to eye contact, shared space to proximity, storytelling and non-verbal cueing to boundaries and barriers, we will deepen below the iceberg tip and feel our way through the energetic transfers that take place between every person in every situation.

As listed, all workshops are two hours long.

Four Hour Intensives can be a combination of any two of the above subjects.

Six Hour Intensives are a thorough investigation of all three.

Custom Creation Intensives: Also available are custom intensives designed for a specific show or experience already in process. We will build individual experiences, consult in design practices, specialize event experiences, and use source material of your choosing.